7 Predictions of Affiliate Marketing

Posted on October 15th, 2010 by Mr.T


Great article I’ve found on affiliate.com. Two Google executives made seven predictions about the future of display advertising in the next five years.  Here is a quick recap of their predictions for 2015.

1 – Half of all online ads will include video and be bought on a CPV (cost-per-view) basis.

2 – 50% of all targeted display ads will utilize real-time bidding.

3 – Mobile devices will become the most popular means for consumers to access the internet.

4 – New metrics will become the success measures for ad campaigns.  These include engagement and interaction rates, video views, and impact on web search results.  Others likely to emerge include sentiment analysis to measure viral influence and foot traffic into retail locations utilizing geo-based mobile technology.

5 – 75% of all ads will become “socially enabled”.  Meaning that consumers will be able to share them with friends, comment on them, and provide feedback.

6 – Half of all branding campaigns will utilize rich media (this is up from only 6% in 2009).

7 – Display advertising will become a $50 billion industry.

What does this mean for you and me?

In case you haven’t started taking advantage of CPV Traffic, or as some may say PPV, you aren’t taking all your options as you should.

If you are serious about CPV, you really need to check out this tracking software, it’s the one I am using myself, nothing you’ll find on the market is even close to it. It’s called CPVLAB and is the ultimate thing to have.

They are going to increase the price soon, so go there and get real.

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