A New Way Of Affiliate Marketing?

Posted on August 31st, 2010 by Mr.T

Dear Friends,

You might have followed all the e-mails coming in lately to your inbox about the new way of doing  affiliate marketing.

Guess what?

It doesn’t matter which “Guru” will tell you his latest secret, it will always be THE BEST, the ultimate method to generate cash on autopilot – c’mon, give me a break! Affiliate Marketing Growth comes from dedication and hard work.

This is nothing else than trying to get some newbies on another program, that’s all! Yes, there are always new techniques one could test and add to an existing marketing & sales strategy but the focus is this sentence are these two words: ADD ON.

First, you need to have a business,  you need to decide for a market, niche, a  product, a concept.  So forget the also common hype and DO NOT jump on the next bandwagon just to find out, you still have to work for money from  autopilot.

Some projects can, should and will become a residual income AFTER you have spent time, energy and money to make it happen. This is when we can talk seriously about Affiliate Marketing Growth, not before.

I am going to share some RESIDUAL BUSINESSES  in my next posts – coz you’ve asked for it:-)

Here to your success,

Mr. T


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