Affiliate Blueprint Project – Day 1

Posted on May 8th, 2009 by Mr.T

Dear Friends,

First day of the Affiliate Blueprint Project!

I will structure the information as easy as possible, so that you can learn from it and ask me questions that are related to a problem or topic that you might have experienced yourself. Also note that my newbie will get a name from today, so she is called Jane, which she insisted on being her nickname; never mind.

DAY: 1
Time: 7 hours and 5 minutes
Task: Affiliate Marketing, Product & Market Research, Keyword Research

As you can see from the time spent, the start of this project wasn’t as easy as I thought. Finding a Profitable Niche by browsing tons of products on sounds easy because we are so used to it but from the perspective of a starter it can be overwhelming. No surprise that Jane spent 2 hours on this task alone.

After she has chosen four products from the niche market, she has spent another 2 hours doing her Keyword Research which led to her first Keyword List. Problems? Not really, after getting used to a fantastic Keyword Research tool that is even free to download

Doing Market Research and Building your Keyword List with keywords that converts was a work that she appreciated after she understood that these words are the “path to the purchase”. Somehow it was scary for her to learn that one can mess up a project by building a homepage based on keywords that are made for ‘information seekers’ rather than potential customers.

Finally, she came up with a Top 30 list consisting of 25 keywords that she will have to use for articles and 5 keywords that are related to the products/merchants, specifically for product reviews.

She is motivated, so am I, cannot wait to build her first income stream as soon as possible. Love it!

Stay tuned for Day2,



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