Affiliate Blueprint Project – Day 2

Posted on May 9th, 2009 by Mr.T

Hi guys,

Day2 is here. Let’s dive in immediately.

Time: 4 hours and 15 minutes
Task: Content is King, How to find good quality content for your website

The second day worked out just great although it includes something that most marketers don’t like a lot: Writing articles. Now that Jane has decided on her 30 relevant-buyers-keywords, it was time to start creating the first  three to ten articles.

If you look at the most common ways of creating articles, it is no wonder that you can find so many poorly written of them online. What you can do?

  • Write them yourself
  • Outsource the writing by using a free-lance service, such as elance or rent-a-coder, etc
  • Use PLR or Private Label Rights
  • Make use of a software that claims to do it for you

Here you go, to me most of the options are not the ones that I’d recommend to do, especially not when starting out. Do you want a newbie dealing with all the ups and downs that will happen for sure when outsourcing for the first time? For sure not!

Do you want to let a beginner re-write articles that another 1000 people want to use as well? Certainly not!

Shall a starter, while entering the new world of Affiliate Marketing, go through the hassle and the learning curve of another software that in most cases won’t do any good? C’mon, don’t even think of it!

Conclusion: Write your own articles and let a third person check it before uploading!

This is what Jane did. Within the time-frame she not only managed to collect information from forums, directories and authority sites but also put three articles out with 500, 524 and 624 words. Not too bad, actually: Well done!

Still I have to say that writing articles isn’t an easy job but at the same time I am sure that she will be good at it once all 30 articles are done.

Looking forward to Day3 when we will start setting up her website.

Have a great weekend and maximum success,



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