Affiliate Blueprint Project – Day 3

Posted on May 10th, 2009 by Mr.T

Dear Friends,

Happy Weekend! I have added an extra line in the overview called resources because some of you have asked for all the tools we are using on the related days. You can check them out by clicking on the link. Affiliate Marketing should be as easy as possible.

Time: 2 hours and 45 minutes
Task: Choose a Domain Name, Set-up Hosting, Build and upload your website 
Resources: NetworkSolutions, UMC, WordPress, XsitePro  

To my surprise, choosing a Domain Name took most of the time. To me it has some similarities with Keyword Research where it pays to think outside the box. Same method is valid when choosing the right domain name. Although lots of top names have been taken, there is always a chance to find a .com domain without dashes; because this is what you want.

A good example is my domain name which I have purchased this year. It has two top performing keywords in it, affiliate and marketing, and explains exactly what the website is all about. And you know what’s best?

Go to Google and type ‘affiliate marketing growth’ and guess who ranks #1 (maybe2)? Yes Sir, that’s me! OK, you might say that the search amount is not too high but with some variations I get 1000 potential customers from Google alone; not too bad after less than 2 months!

That’s why you should think twice before buying your domain name. Also think of this: Is your domain name for a single product or do you want to add more than one product? Maybe you even want to become an authority in a certain niche which should make the choice different.

After Jane took a great decision, we got her an ALL-IN-ONE-ACCOUNT from the Ultimate Marketing Center. I strongly recommend this as one of the best services I have ever joined. No wonder Super-Affiliate Ewen Chia recommended it to me and he really knows his stuff!

With UMC you have everything in place, from hosting unlimited domains, Autoresponder, Mainling List System, Ad Tracking, Membership Manager and much more. Check out the complete overview here!

If you are going to build your first website or it still does far too much time to build one in a new niche, I recommend two resources in order to get the job done in no time:

1. WordPress – A free blogging software that is more like a CMS system
2. XSitePro – A website builder specially made for Online Marketers

I love WordPress but I truly believe you should have XSitePro in your arsenal of marketing weappons as well. I cannot go in more details but in case you belong to one of the mentioned groups, go ahead and check out these two great resources: WordPress & XSitePro.

Although Jane is building her first website with WordPress, she does build pages with XSitePro at the same time; extra work that will pay out for sure!

Through the CPanel of her hosting account, it was just one click to set-up her very first website with WordPress. Cool! Next time, Day 4, Jane will make her website look pretty and give it a professional touch.

Hope you will get something out of each day that you can apply for your own business.

Stay tuned for more,



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