Affiliate Blueprint Project Day 5

Posted on May 12th, 2009 by Mr.T

Dear Friends,

Yesterday I thought Jane put in maximum effort, until I summed up today’s time: 10:50h! Let’s see what she has done during these hours.

Time: 10 hours and 50 minutes
Task: SEO, Writing Reviews 
Resources: Traffic Travis,
WordPress, XsitePro

Almost 11 hours is a serious time investment that Jane split into two sessions. One with me, explaining the various tasks and the second one spending time on her own optimizing pages and articles & writing two types of review.

Frankly speaking, one of the great resources I discovered through Mark Ling is his tool Traffic Travis. This is a MUST HAVE free SEO software! Ican’t believe that he is giving it out for free!

Before you even continue reading, go there now and get your free copy of Traffic Travis. Trust me on this!

Before having me going into details of On-Page SEO, download your copy of Traffic Travis and read the Mini-SEO-Course that will come with it. Loads of great insights that will help you to increase your organic search position over time. I want to give you a quick checklist that you should remember when building your website:

  • Control your kewords: They have to be keywords people are searching for because they want to buy something and not just looking for information.
  • Content is King: Make sure to add content of high value. It’s better not to add anything rather than adding low quality. Never ever copy content as this will ruine your ranking for sure. Search engines hate duplicate content.
  • Put in a Title Tag that contains your keyword.
  • H1 headings: This is your headline with your keyword in it. Will make it more relevant.
  • Meta Tags: Describes the content and the keywords.
  • Add your keywords within the first 50 words of your site.
  • Make your page and file names easy. Just click on any of my posts and you’ll see the title name vs. page=id5
  • Add a Sitemap
  • When linking add the keyword and make this linkable as well.

With WP you can change most of the things in your settings area whereas in XsitePro you can change these things offline and upload the changes afterwards. The real work will start when going through this checklist for each and every site and article. With the help of Traffic Travis though, it will be fun, sometimes.

Writing Reviews

Next, Jane had to write 2 different reviews. One Product Review that you will know from book reviews and these kind of things and a Side-by-Side review that is a common way to compare software having loads of different features.

I am sure you have seen those which is why I don’t go into details right now. Just want to make a point: Reviews convert extremely well IF you make it a real review. Don’t repeat something that you have read somewhere else, don’t try to trick your reader/potential customer because this way you won’t build a relation with him.

If you don’t know the product, make sure to get a copy or read enough reviews from trusted sites with Pros and Cons, go to forums where customers are discussing the product and then write your review.

With me?

Enough for today, more coming tomorrow.

Stay healthy,



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