Affiliate Blueprint Project Day 6 & 7

Posted on May 13th, 2009 by Mr.T

Dear Friends,

Time is flying and our main goal seems to be far away and around the corner at the same time. Oh, in case I haven’t shared it with you, Jane’s first goal is to earn $1000 within her first four weeks! We will get this done, for sure.

DAY 6 & 7
Time: 2 hours and 5 minutes
Task: SEO, Article and Directory Submissions, Links 
Resources: Free Article Compare Tool

You might wonder how I can send out day 6 and 7 today. It’s because Jane needs another day. Today she spent 2 hours for just learning her lesson, checking out various websites related to article marketing, tools and a general introduction. Since I saw her eyes without a burning desire, I knew it was time for a short day.

This is why I  love to compare sport and business all the time. If you train too hard every day without taking proper days off and easy going workouts, you will not increase your performance. It’s vice versa, your performance will drop each time you over-train. Same in business. Push it too hard and you will lose momentum, focus, energy! Hence, the extra day for her!

What have we covered today?

Well, Jane knows that it makes sense to get as many links as she can get. She understands that the links are supposed to come from websites with relevant niches/topics/products. She will be focused on getting one-way-links because they have more value to the search engines. Finally, she will make sure that the incoming links won’t be directed to her index page alone but also to all other sub-pages to be found on her website.

Not bad for two hours, agree?

Additionally she discovered Article Directories, such as, where her articles will create back-links to her website. She was a bit shocked to see that these articles have to be re-written because she is not in love with writing. With the free Article Compare Tool  (to be found under the Tools/Writing Tools/Tab)  you can compare two articles and see if you have to change more content of it. Finally I showed her some Web directories that will only have a little impact on her ranking.

Conclusion: A good, short day with some key information that she can use tomorrow all day long.

Don’t wait for another message tomorrow, next will be Day 8 on Friday the 15th.

Stay tuned,


PS: I am testing 2 services for article marketing, in case I will find them worth the money, I’ll let you know.
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