Affiliate Blueprint Project Day 8

Posted on May 15th, 2009 by Mr.T

Dear Friends,

Hope you missed our message yesterday!

Time: 7 hours and 15 minutes
Task: How to create subscribers using Newsletter Marketing 
Resources: UMC, Affilorama Bullet Point Generator

Last things first: Jane is doing great. She will use the weekend to go over the different steps to make sure she will be ready for next weeks action. Therefore you won’t read a post during the weekend, we’ll be back Monday, 21st May.

Another long day has eaten up Jane’s energy. Not an easy lesson for her. This is what we have covered:

  • Why creating a LIST is a MUST DO for any serious online marketer.
  • How to create Newsletter sign-up boxes and where to place them.
  • How to integrate your autoresponder by UMC without messing up HTML in WordPress.
  • How to write quality content for your series or how to get the content for free.
  • How to generate hot Bullet Points for the sign-up  box with the free Bullet Point Generator
  • How to monetize Thank You and Confirmation Pages (for sign-ups) in a unique way.

This lesson was somehow typical for the problems that one can face when starting this sort of business. If everything would work together as it is supposed to work, there wouldn’t be any problems. But you know how it goes: WordPress does not like your autoresponder, which has a problem with the theme you are using which can lead to small and even big frustration!

That’s why it is so good to have a back-up, somebody that you can ask, a mentor, a responsive, managed forum, or a coach that is willing to show you the little short cuts.

Now, Jane is eager to implement everything over the weekend because I promised that I will show her a way to get her first 100 subscribers within 72 hours at no cost:-)

Looking forward to share her next day on Monday.

Stay tuned and successful,



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