Affiliate Marketing Growth Wishes You A Merry Christmas

Posted on December 24th, 2010 by Mr.T

HO-HO-HO and a Merry Christmas to You!

Since Christmas is the time of peace, listening more to each other and pure  giving, I have added a couple of gifts for you:-)


Love & Peace for the ones you love and the entire world,


Christmas Gifts For Friends Of Mister T.

  1. $25 USD Discount on your coming In-Text-Advertisement-Campaign. In case you haven’t used this not so popular PPC method, do it now with this gift. This goes to anybody just by Clicking Here as long as it lasts!
  2. Personal 1 hour coaching in CPV Marketing. If you are into CPV with a focus on Lead-Gen and List-Building, I will give you a one hour personal coaching session, either via Skype of Webinar, or both if needed. Due to time limitations, I can give it to the first 10 people e-mailing me or leaving a great comment on this post; better e-mail because I am lazy with moderating comments 🙁
  3. This gift will get out to another 10 people: A one month supply of the best health food money can buy: The Wild Alaskan Blueberry! Each box is worth $50 dollar. First come, first served. Contact Me Here!
  4. Still not enough? Yeah, you are right. Another $25 gift voucher when buying traffic on Direct CPV. Click Here to grab your gift.
  5. A fantastic online tool to analyze your headline. This tool can make you great money if you use it right AND it’s fun. Try to beat 127% – that’s my best so far 🙂 Click Here.

Hope you enjoy it!


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