Five Tools You Must Have For Affiliate Marketing – Part 2

Posted on December 8th, 2010 by Mr.T

OK, you’ve asked for it and here we go by looking behind the abbreviations used in our last post.

Ready for the five tools you must have in order to  run a successful affiliate marketing business?

1. WP = WordPress
The free, open source CMS system you need to  build anything you have in mind. Really, the sky is the limit. Don’t know how to install it? Check with your hosting provider to get CPanel which will make it as easy as clicking a button.

2. O.P. = Optimize Press: The one and only Word Press Theme you need to have
It really doesn’t matter what kind of affiliate marketing business you are running or plan to run. With this incredible WordPress theme you can build Squeeze Pages, Landing Pages, Blogs, Membership Sites and so much more. Took me thousands of dollars to find this tool you want to check out.

3. EVP 2.0 = Easy Video Player: The only Video Software-Tool You Ever Need
I’ve said this before: From all the software I’ve purchased, this is maybe the best if it comes to ‘value for money’. Click the link above and watch the video and I guarantee you will be impressed; at least!

4. CPV Lab = Tracking at its best
Too much to write, all I am saying is this: Watch the video and start dreaming what you can do with it. Originally designed for CPV traffic, this tracking monster is going to  change the way you’ll look at data. Check out the video!

5. A.R.S. = Auto Responder System: One of the big 3 you should use.
Actually, I recommend AWeber because I use it:-)

Here you have it: Five Tools You Must Have For Affiliate Marketing. Once you have the tools in your arsenal, all you have to do is Take Action!

Also, you need to have hosting, don’t you?

Recently, I have come along  a fantastic company, cannot recommend it enough, not only because of the great performance and more than fair pricing but especially for the second to none support they offer. If you check it out here, ask for Tyler when signing up. Just wow. Check it out before you go!

In case you want more tools, free or paid, let me know and I will add some cool stuff next time. You know I have a habit of reading e-mails rather than looking for blog comments; I know, not the normal way but hey, who would like to be normal?

Stay tuned for more and take advantage of the mentioned tools to create your success now,



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