How Much Bonus Is Too Much?

Posted on January 28th, 2011 by Mr.T

Did you realize that all the IM products are being sold with humongous bonuses?

I mean, c’mon, the last high-ticket-courses (selling for $2k) have been advertised from many of the so called gurus with bonuses ranging from $6,000 to $23,000 Dollar!

What the….?

Twenty-three-thousand-dollar? This is sick. Some questions to think about:

  • Do one have to offer this sort of bonus to make the actual product more valuable?
  • Does the product need an ‘upgrade’ to justify the price?
  • Will the bonuses help the customer to get the most out of the course?
  • Does it make sense to add more information to a course that requires your full attention anyway?

I don’t know about you but I  believe it’s a sick, wrong trend because it doesn’t help the customer. Most of them are newbies or some sort of “advanced” marketers, not having found their path to success.

So instead of making sure they will put all their effort into the course they purchased, people are adding 45+ hours of training to it; let’s talk about being overwhelmed!!!

What I suggest?

Stop chasing the best and biggest bonus, go for the product only.  Once you stared to use the product in a profitable way, you can add more stuff to your desktop but not before!

Tell me what you think – via e-mail please:-)

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