Hybrid Evolution Marketing

Posted on July 30th, 2011 by Mr.T

Dear Friends,

Ever heard this term, Hybrid Evolution Marketing?

Same here, hybrid marketing is a well known term but this evolution got my interest. In my last¬† message I’ve informed you about my friend’s new project, well his name is Mark Davenport and he is coming out with something called Hybrid Evolution Marketing!

Man, this thing rocks, it’s a complete sales funnel, even the product is included, all you have to do is to send people to one single website that is only related to your turnover.

Can it get any better?

Yes, because testing has shown up to 34% conversion! Yes, I know, the figure seems to be too good to true but this is what it is. I have tested it and had between 11% and 19%.

So let’s be “conservative” (although it is anything but in the normal online world) and calculate with 10% conversion.

Now, let’s add a product that is giving you a monthly, automated income stream.


You bet!

AUGUST 27TH will be the day you can get more information, maybe I am able to post some results from my testing because I am privileged enough to be part of his beta group.

Affiliate Marketing will become a better face, this is what I expect and my affiliate marketing growth will be the best ever. Ready for a competition?

Stay tuned, this will change the way you’re selling online, guaranteed!

Take care,



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