Magic Bullet by Amish Shah Review

Posted on January 25th, 2011 by Mr.T

Got a thousand and one e-mail promotions for The Magic Bullet launch?

OK, here are my comments so you can make an educated decision:

  1. MBS (Magic Bullet Software) is a “all-in-one-tool” to research a market, build blogs/squeeze pages, find traffic, track everything down the road and make you a coffee while doing so 🙂 OK, not this though.
  2. It’s all about automation.
  3. MBS has tons of video material in order to teach you how to use the tool.
  4. Price tag: $3k plus monthly if you’d like to participate in a master mind group.
  5. Amish and his company are respected people.

Doesn’t sound too bad, does it?

Some thoughts:

  • Although the launch videos are sharing some cool info, there is no part seeing the software in action building WP pages
  • Warriorforum has various serious marketer who purchased MBS being frustrated with bugs
  • Now, they even introduced a monthly payment plan ($298) in order to let more people use the software

What  do I recommend? Do not buy it.


It is a hosted version, meaning, all your data can be seen by them. I’m not saying they will take them or still campaigns or what have you, especially knowing most of the people buying the software won’t hit 5-digit-income a day but nevertheless, I strongly recommend you go out, learn your basics and IF you hit $1,000/day profit, you might want to look at automation systems.

By the way, there are some other great tools out there to do just that.

Hope this helps.

Take care and be the best you can!

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