Shame On Me

Posted on July 20th, 2011 by Mr.T

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Dear Friends,

Yes, yes, you are right, I haven’t updated you on anything. You are right and I’m the one to take the blame.

What happened?

Well, a good friend of mine will release an online revolution, actually, he doesn’t like this term, he prefers evolution but anyway, it is huge, fantastic, best I’ve seen in my online career.


Because it eliminates 95% of the problems online marketers struggle with while allowing you to build a 7-figure a year business within your first 6-to 12 months.

Yep, that’s right, quite bold claim but I’m sure this is what will happen.

Is it a software? Yes and No!
Is it a course? Yes and No!
Is it a physical product? Yes and No!

Have I tested it? Yes!

August 27th is the release date, so you better make sure to stay subscribed as otherwise you could easily miss your ticket to 1,000,000 USD per year. Period!

Take good care,


PS: I will try to keep you updated more often, otherwise drop me a note 🙂


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