Trailer Hybrid Evolution Marketing

Posted on August 11th, 2011 by Mr.T

Hey there,

A cool little trailer introducing Hybrid¬† Evolution Marketing. Like it a lot, especially the third quote is an old friend to me. It doesn’t say much about the product but still worth spending a minute.

As a little update I can tell you that a buddy of mine is using something similar to Hybrid Evolution Marketing in his Affiliate business to create sustainable  growth allowing him to make as much as $100k per month.

Why I am saying his software/service is similar? Because it has only 20% of the potential I have seen with Mark’s tool. But hey, most of us wouldn’t be too sad about another $100,000 income per month, would we?

Stay tuned for more.

Mister T.

PS: I’ve received many requests for doing a webinar when the Mark is going to release his tool. Haven’t decided yet, will let you know as soon as I’ve made up my mind.


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