Video Marketing 2.0

Posted on October 11th, 2010 by Mr.T

Dear Friends,

I am not a tech-geek, nor are most of the online marketing experts I know. So we need to have easy  to apply software allowing us to get the job done! Not more but also not less!

The best product I have purchased more than a year ago was Easy Video Player; not it’s getting even better.

If you are interested in video marketing at all, this is a MUST HAVE  tool, trust me,  believe me and just get on the list before they start. The product is outstanding, their support is nothing short of spectacular, and hey, if you know me, I don’t use these sort of statements too often, do I?

Go to this page and get yourself on the list, let me know if I was right – I know already – but please I appreciate your feedback.

Have success,

Mr. T

PS: Just in case, you want to read more, I’ve copied the e-mail from Josh, the developer, because it explains it all:

Imagine if there was a software
that would let you click a button to
create a totally pro-level, guru-quality
video sales page – all done for you…

…that took less than a minute!

Imagine if minutes earlier you had
uploaded your first video and right
now it was already on your site.

(No technical trickery required)


Almost immediately, people start
commenting on the video using the
built-in Facebook comments.

People are sharing your video now
because it’s so easy for them to do
with pro built-in social sharing…

….and the traffic starts pouring in.

You crack a smile as you watch the stats
lighting up inside your admin panel
because not only are they watching…

…they are BUYING…

…right from the video itself because the
video has built-in sales automation tools.

You did it ALL with one easy piece of


You uploaded the video, created a
completely hands-free video sales
page with built-in social sharing,
commenting, and sales automation…

…and you did it without touching a
line of HTML code or writing a word
of sales copy…

All within literally a few minutes..

You could easily do it again and

Tweets, likes, shares and comments
are flooding in. Everything is going
viral, and sales are pouring in…

It feels amazing… and it was so much
easier than you thought it would be!

Until now, the only possible way to
do this would of been pure Alien

But not now..

NOW you know why everybody is so
excited about the new Video Marketing
software, Easy Video Player 2…

It DOES do all of this for you, right now…

Click here to see for yourself!


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